Rumalees believe in creating taste by following the basics of the culinary art. When right ingredients, right timing, right ambience and ample passion come together, it creates best taste. Our recipes are prepared by hands of world renowned chefs.
Rumalees was named after the word Rumali, a thin bread from the northern part of Indian subcontinent and a traditional element in Mughlai cuisine. At Rumalees, you will get the freshly made bread, baked fresh in Tandoors.
The art of cooking Rumali roti has now remained with the best of the chefs only. Our chefs will, for the first time in Michigan, recreate the rare art of making the bread, so thin so tasty! Eat them in salad wraps, or with kabob, or enjoy the taste of fresh bread by itself. Watch the breads cook, as they are tossed in air right on to the pan on the Tandoor. You can see it all through our Open View Kitchen!
Served with best of Mughlai recipes, Rumalees are an experience in itself. The art, the fun and the taste – All in one! See our Menu to pick the best of bests.
We don’t stop there! Ask for our fresh continental Salad, chef’s special and myriads of delicious dishes. Made for you, all for you!
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Farmington Hills, MI 48334
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